World inside my head

Crack open my head –

What do you find there?

Do you see any of the things that make me me?

Do you see the indigo mountains made up of my hopes

my dreams?

Do you see the chasm cut by running rivers of my love –

for my family –

for the world?

Do you see my dark thoughts –

ebony shadows in the forest of my mind.

Or can you see all the things –

to the horizon –

of that landscape of me?


This morning when I was driving in the car, that line about cracking open my head came to me. It’s not really original or anything, but at the time – I envisioned it breaking open like an egg.

I wasn’t planning on doing another poem – I was sort of cruising around the internet looking for ideas when I remembered that image from this morning. I figured I’d run with it – took me in a different direction than I’d planned, but most of my writing does. The title comes from a Sister Hazel song, but I think it fits here too ūüôā

Happy Thursday! We’ve almost made it through the week!


Mental Break

Today was my first day back at work since December 21 and – yeah – the work really piled up.

I think I’m going to try a poem today. Mostly because it’s cold and cold weather makes me think of poetry (I don’t know why) and because it’s a good way to get some writing in. It also might possibly be a bit of a cop out but whatever.

Crepuscular Rays

Dancing dust motes float through air

Sunlight through cloud breaks


Fair warning – the point of these exercises is to help me get back into the habit of being creative. I’m not trying to be Shakespeare over here.

Smuir covers the earth

The world melts away from me

Enveloping cloud



Additionally, here’s a fun article about weather words you should know ūüėČ

My Poetry Month Post

Well you wouldn’t know it from this blog, but April is National Poetry Month.

Why haven’t I posted anything related to poetry this month? Well, firstly I’m not a big poet. And secondly because I’ve been pretty focused on either my gigantic paper that’s due tomorrow (eep!) or my novel.

I write fiction and dabble in poetry either when forced to (say in a poetry class) or just when the mood¬†strikes¬†me. I also don’t read a ton (if any) poetry.¬†

This is a major flaw of mine. Poetry is not bad. It’s not boring. It’s poetry. If you follow this blog you might know that I consider my description one of my weaknesses. It tends to be flat, cliche, or just no where to be found. I believe reading poetry (and different books) could help¬†me with my description and make it sooooo much better.¬†

But I ignore all of this and continue to not read poetry and my description continues to be cliche and less than awesome. 

Stutts, my former college professor, does read poetry and his blog has been reminding me every week this month that it is (in fact) national poetry month. So, in honor of him posting a poem that I read and really liked (and having said all that about description this poem is not in that vein) and in honor of the end of April. Here is the link to the poem I enjoyed and plan on printing when I get more ink in my printer: “You Are Not Your Bookshelf”¬† ¬† ¬†

So, if you happen to have any poems that you’re a super big fan of, leave a link in the comments box, share and care people. Share and care.¬†