World inside my head

Crack open my head –

What do you find there?

Do you see any of the things that make me me?

Do you see the indigo mountains made up of my hopes

my dreams?

Do you see the chasm cut by running rivers of my love –

for my family –

for the world?

Do you see my dark thoughts –

ebony shadows in the forest of my mind.

Or can you see all the things –

to the horizon –

of that landscape of me?


This morning when I was driving in the car, that line about cracking open my head came to me. It’s not really original or anything, but at the time – I envisioned it breaking open like an egg.

I wasn’t planning on doing another poem – I was sort of cruising around the internet looking for ideas when I remembered that image from this morning. I figured I’d run with it – took me in a different direction than I’d planned, but most of my writing does. The title comes from a Sister Hazel song, but I think it fits here too 🙂

Happy Thursday! We’ve almost made it through the week!


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