Libraries as Crack Houses

Right, so in one of my super early posts I talked about how books can be like crack to writers (and just general book-lovers). For real, if it wasn’t for my husband and having to be a partner in a grown-up relationship, I’d most likely blow all my grocery money on books. I can never have enough. It’s a problem. I think they need to get some support groups up in here.

For example: I have  about 185 books on my shelf (this includes reference books and the like but it doesn’t include all the books I still have at my parent’s house) and I haven’t read about 75 of them. It’s even worse at my parents house. Like, how is this possible? I have all these books I bought wanting to read… then I don’t get to them and just go buy more. WHY? IT DOESN’T MAKE ANY SENSE!

But crack addiction doesn’t really make sense to me either. So, there’s that.

Now, I’m circling back to my central thesis here.

Libraries are freaking awesome. A whole building full of books and movies and audio books that you can borrow for FREE. FREE! Okay, not free… taxes and all that. But whatever, I don’t have to pay for each book.

But libraries, while super awesome, are really bad for bookish people. Here’s a chance to just get MORE books that you intend on reading. It’s like letting a former alcoholic walk through an ABC store. It’s so tempting. And all those books you own that you haven’t read, they’ll just gather more dust. And you’ll renew these books until you’ve run out of renewals and then probably get some late fees.    

It’s just dangerous.

And so wonderfully delightful.

(Note: I want to make clear that I really do think real addiction is not something to joke about. Yes, I”ve trivialized it a bit in this post, but I really don’t think being addicted to books is anywhere near as damaging as other addictions. There, I feel better…)

Missing: One Blogger/ Creative Writer. Reward if found.

I promise I haven’t forgotten about my blog. I know it seems like I have, but there just aren’t enough minutes in the day sometimes.

So, what’s been going on in my life in the past month?


I finished my annotated bibliography and detailed outline (which wound up being nine pages long and generated a WOW! from my professor) and got them turned in.

I’ve started writing the first draft of my paper (wish me luck)…

My life has too much Harry Potter in it… I keep having dreams about it. The one I remember most involves me and my husband being at Hogwarts with Lilly and James and me giving dating advice to Lilly while my husband replaces Wormtail as the fourth member of the group (but doesn’t go all evil…)

And I’ve been sucked into the Hunger Games world. Yes, I saw the movie friday, finished the second book later that night and then finished the third yesterday. Holy cow. I’m pretty sure that sometime this weekend I overdosed on reading… Husband accused me of huffing literature and it’s true. I can get addicted to certain books.

Now that I’m done with the Hunger Games I can start having a normal life again, and I’m going to start reading John Green’s latest book The Fault in Our Stars. It promises to be good, so hopefully I’ll stop being lazy and actually post a book review on that one.

Just wanted to make an appearance… Let you know that I’m not dead (yet). And that there will be more to come.  

Not A Harry Potter Post

Here it is! Finally a post that is not about Harry Potter.

I finished my annotated bibliography and got it turned in. Woooo! I have never written a paper that will (hopefully) be 22 pages. I’m not gonna lie, even though I’m a writer 22 pages of not creative writing is very daunting. However, bright side, my annotated biblee was 5 pages long. That’s right. FIVE FREAKING PAGES! It’s time to take a little breather.

So sure, even though I’m reading the last HP book, I am taking a break (sorta).

What’s been going on in the world since I OD-ed on HP?

Well, (and here’s where the sorta plays in) J.K. Rowling announced her plans for publishing a new book. I’m not aure about you all out there in web-world, but I’m a bit on the fence about this. I’m worried it will be like seeing your favorite actor in the behind the scenes feature on the DVD – it kills the spell that the movie could be real. I’m really excited to see what she does and what else her amazing mind can produce… BUT at the same time, it almost breaks the spell. I will wait to make up my mind when we know more about this new book.

Also I have realized that I don’t have enough time to read all the books I want to read: The Hunger Games, Cinder, The Fault in Our Stars… not to name all the books I’ve procured over the years that I still haven’t gotten to. But, I think I can make time for some audiobooks… esp when they are handpicked and produced by Neil Gaiman. Why has it taken me so long to find this? Neil Gaiman Presents? Check it out here. Such good fun.

Thirdly, I can finally access my former college professor’s blog on my home computer. Why did it not work before? I don’t know… BUT, I have a link to it in my blog roll. He always has fun tidbits and news about fantasy, writing, and other things. I really think you should check it out.

Lastly, Castle had my favorite episode on last night. It was all new and all awesome. Castle + fairy tale characters being murdered = some good monday night fun. Also, the other week Nathan Fillion (Mr. Rick Castle himself) was on Jimmy Kimmel. You can check out both episodes on the network webpage.

So that’s what I got right now. I have another clip to share with you all, but you’ll have to wait until next time :0)

Checking In

Not much has changed since the last post…

Except I’ve read much more Harry Potter, done mounds of laundry, and been working a ton. Seriously, when you work between 35-40 hours a week and try and read all the Harry Potter book in two months there isn’t time for much else.

I have found time to “window shop” on my favorite webpages (Etsy and Wanelo) and I found a shirt with this image on it…

Needless to say I 1) agree and 2) want that shirt. And while there may be no such thing as too many books, there is such a thing as not having enough space to store them all.
Whats a girl to do?
Well I am now 1,228 pages into the 4,100 pages that I need to read by February 27th. I think that’s like 30%…
I will say this. I am not the biggest fan of this whole *fingerwiggles* independent study thing. At first I thought “Sure, it’ll be hard but not that hard.” It’s not the reading that’s difficult. It’s the research. Ugh. The public library only has so much of the type of research materials I need and I have to pay $50 to join the local university’s library (that is just illegal if you ask me) and the library on my campus can send me things but I’m getting tangled in all of the red tape I have to get through to get the books and documents. 
*Sigh* I am done freaking out/ venting/ whatever-ing at the moment. 
I promise that I will be back sooner (rather than never) with new and exciting blog posts. My friend’s blog is really starting to show mine up and I’m super competitive – so we can’t have that now can we? 😉 

How to be a Literary Fan "Person"

Okay, so yes, I have already posted one big long post today. However, I would like to point out that reading over 100 pages of critical work is all work and no play. As a creative person I really needed to play, so below are my Top Thirteen Ways to be a Literary FanGirl/Boy (because ten is just too few)

  1. You need to own shirts that say things like… “I solemnly swear I am up to no good” and “We’re all a little bit mad here” and “I write therefore I am.”
  2. You are addicted to books. Meaning they are your crack (this idea will be expanded upon in a later post). You own about as many unread books as you do read books… and you keep buying more. Really, you just can’t help it.
  3. The accessory you are most proud of is your pen. And yes, you have a favorite. It’s the one you don’t lend to people. (Individuals who are not literary fanpeople will not understand this at all, they may even give you a weird look, but we know better.)
  4. You get overly excited when TV shows make obscure literary references.
  5. You have a twitter account just so you can follow your favorite authors.
  6. You buy new books based solely on the fact your favorite authors had nice things to say about it. These nice things are plastered on the cover and call out to you when you walk past – they are impossible to ignore.
  7. You get more excited about books being released than Twilight fans do about a new movie. (Really those kids are hardcore and scary…)
  8. You own a Shakespeare’s Insult mug (or something like it) from Barnes and Nobel; and if not you REALLY want one but no one has given it to you for Christmas because you have too much literary stuff already.
  9. You firmly believe that the book is better than the movie. And really, it usually is.
  10. You broke down and now own an E-Reader of some kind. You love it and have already downloaded more books than you can read in the foreseeable future, but you still need to own a hard copy of the book. (You just trust it more. Technology scares us to an extent…)
  11. You go to the bookstore and look at your favorite books on the shelf. Of course you don’t need to buy them, you just like to visit old friends and see how their doing. 
  12. Bookstores also become a home away from home. If you are gone from your home for an extended amount of time you not only have a sixth sense about where the closest Barnes and Nobel is but go there to feel less homesick. 
  13. You want to make fliers of this and give it to people so they’ll learn a thing or two (not too…)

And there you have it.