My Poetry Month Post

Well you wouldn’t know it from this blog, but April is National Poetry Month.

Why haven’t I posted anything related to poetry this month? Well, firstly I’m not a big poet. And secondly because I’ve been pretty focused on either my gigantic paper that’s due tomorrow (eep!) or my novel.

I write fiction and dabble in poetry either when forced to (say in a poetry class) or just when the mood strikes me. I also don’t read a ton (if any) poetry. 

This is a major flaw of mine. Poetry is not bad. It’s not boring. It’s poetry. If you follow this blog you might know that I consider my description one of my weaknesses. It tends to be flat, cliche, or just no where to be found. I believe reading poetry (and different books) could help me with my description and make it sooooo much better. 

But I ignore all of this and continue to not read poetry and my description continues to be cliche and less than awesome. 

Stutts, my former college professor, does read poetry and his blog has been reminding me every week this month that it is (in fact) national poetry month. So, in honor of him posting a poem that I read and really liked (and having said all that about description this poem is not in that vein) and in honor of the end of April. Here is the link to the poem I enjoyed and plan on printing when I get more ink in my printer: “You Are Not Your Bookshelf”     

So, if you happen to have any poems that you’re a super big fan of, leave a link in the comments box, share and care people. Share and care. 

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