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So, this is one of those posts that it more about me and less about me and writing, or writing, or reading.

Today I went to the zoo and it was awesome. The lions there just had five baby cubs. Logic says when they grow up they’ll have all their natural instincts and maul me… but I still want one. I mean look at them…

The last picture there… he’s not even growling. That’s an intense cub yawn caught on camera by yours truly.
Anyway, today at the zoo I was not just exposed to a plethora of exotic animals, but of exotic people. There was a guy wearing (I kid you not) a cargo pants kilt. That’s the best way I can figure to describe it. And those toe-sock shoes. Covered in tattoos. Now, I’m all about freedom of expression but, that’s exotic. There were others. People covered head to toe in their favorite football teams clothing (sweatshirt and matching sweatpants) as well as children of all shapes and sizes decked out in Halloween ware. So, it makes me wonder…
While all of you people complain about how shitty the habitats are for some of the animals (and I do agree, but our zoo is working on it — have you not seen all the signs? So I’m glad you have to pay a total of $14 to get in. Helps give them money to build the better habitats *stepping off the soapbox*) I wonder if the animals have just as much fun looking at us as we do looking at them. Sure, they are not prowling the great contentent of Africa. They get regular meals, medicine when they need it, and thanks to many zoo goers — kick-ass entertainment.
That’s a picture book in the making.
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