It’s that time of year again…

It’s that time of year again. The time where we look back on the last year and forward to the new one. We take stock of all we did, but mostly all we didn’t do and we make those pesky promises – or resolutions – to ourselves about how we’ll better ourselves next year.

Well – screw that. I’m going to get started early.

So – here’s the thing. I keep making excuses about my writing.  First, it was my old job. It was draining and I was just too exhausted to be creative. True – but an excuse non-the-less. Then, it was my laptop – my trusty companion from college and grad school entered into its twilight years. It still works. But not well. So it was frustrating trying to get anything done on it. Well, then Husband in all his amazing awesomeness got me a new laptop for Christmas!

Here’s my plan. No. My promise to myself.

I will write something every day. And I will post it here. I need to hold myself accountable.

What are my rules? Should I have rules? Yes – I think so. Writing of any kind will count. It could be a regular blog post. It could be a writing exercise. It could be one of my “critical essay” type blog posts. It just has to be SOMETHING.

Length? Because a single word shouldn’t count. So – maybe AT LEAST a paragraph. Yes, I think that sounds good.

In moments that I need inspiration I’ve got two books I’ll be using. First is “The Write Brain Workbook” by Bonnie Neubauer.


And the other one (the one I’m really excited about) is “The Imaginary World of __________” by Keri Smith


On the days that I work directly in the books – I’ll post a photo of the writing. That seems fair.

So – let’s get this year ended on the right foot.

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