Adult Tantrums

It’s annoying and frustrating, but it’s totally acceptable for a 3 year to lay on the floor and have a tantrum. I mean, full on throat-scratching screams with hot, angry tears and the wild flailing of arms and legs. Sure – the kid gets chastised and probably doesn’t really get what they want in the end, but the tantrum is expected on some level because THAT’S WHAT KIDS DO.

Lucky bastards.

One of the things about being an adult that no one ever warns you about is that you’ll miss being able to throw a tantrum like that. Not because I think it’ll get me what I want (part of the motivation of the child tantrum) but because sometimes (like this week) I just get so damn frustrated at things that I just crave that cathartic release. I mean, I literally want to close the door to my office, lay on the floor and scream my little heart out. But I can’t. Because people will hear and – honestly – no one wants to see an adult having a tantrum.

Sure, we have our adult versions of tantrums that are less of a spectacle (for the most part) but none-the-less still very childish. But this still isn’t really socially accepted. Other adults (me included) judge the adult having the tantrum. I think things like, “can’t they put their grown-up pants on and just deal?”

So what do we do? Some people drink. Some people take it out on others. Some people seek thrills. Others write really  intense blog posts that they will never publish… We try to find some form of release. Some of them healthy, others not so much.

Recently I’ve started to see that the person I was as a kid is who I am most comfortable as now. I don’t know if that makes sense, but the things (or types of things) that made me happy then are what brings me the most satisfaction now. In light of this, I fully petition a culture change.

I want to live in a world where I can just lay on the floor and have a tantrum. Is that too much to ask?

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