This is Where You Find Me

You find me a wife. You find me a coworker. You find me a friend. You find me a daughter.
But, you might not find me a writer anymore.

It’s just hard now. It used to be that ideas and words just overflowed out of my brain. You’d find all kinds of pieces of paper in my wake covered in snippets of stories. 

Now though… Now it’s hard. I go back and re-read things I wrote just a few years ago and wonder how I can tap back into that again. How do I get my brain back into a creative place? The writing prompts I find online just don’t seem to spark anything. I try and remember old assignments from my writing classes and I just come up short. 

I used to define myself by my passion and my drive for writing, but now that that’s faded – who am I? There are all these labels and roles I fill, but… Can’t I be all those things and a writer too? I know I can, but how do I find that spark again? 

I think I’m making steps. I have my book club. I’m blogging again. I’m trying to breathe more life into my thesis. But I want new ideas. New stories. 

Any suggestions are welcome. I’ll keep trying and keep looking. I think this struggle is part of every writer’s journey. I’m glad to see what kind of writer I’ll be on the other side of this.

After all, like Dory says, “Just keep swimming!”

7 thoughts on “This is Where You Find Me

  1. I am in the same boat. I had to take a long break from any writing, and now I’m giving myself permission to create something just for me. Just for the joy of writing. It’s so hard, give yourself permission to rest and try new things. At least, that’s what I keep trying to do.

    1. Sounds like a lot of us are going through the same thing. Grad school was amazing, but I think it’s taken me a few years to catch my breath. Thanks for chiming in! I hope you find that spark again soon.

  2. The ebb of creativity, for me writing songs, singing and playing piano. …will flow again. Many times have I been at its whim. Don’t struggle with it. Make friends with the space. Invite inspiration to return, when its ready. It will.

    1. Thank you for these words of encouragement. I’m not a patient person and waiting for the ebb is frustrating. I think I’m starting to find to again though.

  3. I am not a writer, nor have I been to college. I haven’t even taken an online writers course. I have no idea if any thing I say will work or even make sense. I am an avid reader however and I know that some of the people I’ve met in books will live forever in my mind and heart. Weather I am taking advice from whipchord thin Jacob Stonebender or trying to figure out just what She Wolf would do, I often refer back to these fictional people for real world inspiration. What I am saying is; the characters you create matter. Do not give up.
    Here’s an idea, build a character in your head. Let’s call him Lance, I like Lance, the first fight I lost was to a fellow named Lance, it’s a good name. Now let’s decide who he is; is he good to his grand mother? Does he kick stray dogs? Does he have a quick lightning strike temper or is he a slow burning forest fire of anger? How did he get that way? Is he a tall muscular sandy haired rebel boy from central Florida with a permanent sunburn from being outside? Or is he a pimple faced, skinny gamer living in his mother’s basement somewhere in West Ottawa?
    Start there and by the time you decide who Lance is, he will have woven his way into your story and hopefully you will have your spark back.

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