The Adventure Begins

Well, I did it.

Earlier this week, I submitted a query letter to an agent. This was the first real agent that I felt like I had a good chance with.

I’ve submitted one letter before. And that was a year or more ago.

That first agent was my “reach agent.” Back in high school, when I was applying to colleges, the guidance councilors would advise us to have a “safety school,” a “reach school,” and a few that fell somewhere in-between. One school you knew you could get into and a school that was your dream school but you knew you probably wouldn’t get in. But, you never know if you don’t try.

So last year, I tried, and nothing happened. Not even a rejection letter.

Fast forward to today.

This agent wasn’t a safety agent, but someone that I thought I had a really good chance with. She listed on her web page that she was looking for YA, New Adult, and contemporary fantasy. All things that my book is. I had real hope with this one. I mean, all I had to do was submit a one page query letter and within a week or so they’d either ask for a 30 page writing sample, or not.

And… three days letter I got my rejection letter.

In that moment, I was heartbroken. They didn’t even give me a chance to show them my work. I mean, what was wrong with my letter? Had I left something important out? Was I not unique enough? What did I do wrong?

And then I stopped myself. No It wasn’t anything I did wrong. There’s a good chance that they already have someone who has written something similar enough to mine that they couldn’t represent me. Or – I don’t know – other reasons that don’t have anything to do with me.

However, I’m going to take a page from Stephen King’s On Writing. When he first started sending things out, he stuck a nail in the wall and would hang each rejection letter over his desk. He let the rejection fuel him and not beat him.

Finding an agent is a lot like dating, I just have to find the right fit. So, I’m not going to get back out in that “dating” pool and keep trying to find that person who is the right person for me and I’m the right person for them.

Let the adventure continue.

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