Are you there Blog? It’s me, Caroline.

I do this all the time.

I know. I’ve done it before, and I’ll do it again.

But right now, I have the time AND the desire to blog. A very rare combination, but one that I hope to have more often.

Anyway, here we go again. I’ve decided to start submitting to agents again. The first time I did it, well, it was really to only one agent. I think this time I have a better game plan, of sorts. Well, at least I have a better mind set.

I just got home from doing a reading at my old college. It was awesome. I got to feel like a real, published author for a little bit. I got to strut my stuff (my killer-MFA-knowledge-stuff) and show off a little bit for Husband. The best part though, were the students that came up to me afterward and told me that I inspired them. Holly crap, that was awesome. And it was in that moment where I thought, “Yep. Stop dragging your feet and start working on your writing again.”

I’m not going to lie. It’s been a little over a year since I finished my 250 page thesis. I ODed on writing and fantasy and all the things that I loved about that side of my life. It’s taken me a year to want to write again and to want to even LOOK at my thesis/novel to prepare it for submissions. I’ve finished one short story in this past year. And that’s it.

Okay – yes. I have gotten a new job and been promoted to a pretty important role very quickly. And I have been trying to launch an Etsy site. So, it’s not like I haven’t done anything.

But, I haven’t done anything with my passion. I’ve let it wither and die. Professor/Friend and Husband called me out on it at dinner one night – I’ll never get published if I talk myself out of submitting.

With that in mind, an hour after Husband and I got home, I cleaned off the desk. I pulled up my dusty file on possible agents, and began researching fiction competitions. I am going to do this. I owe it to myself, my parents, Husband, all my former professors, and those students that I inspired to do more. I don’t want to be 80 and still perfecting my novel – still waiting for…something. 

I think I’ve been a bit overly ambitious before. I think, if I can really get into the groove, I can dedicate a few hours every Saturday to writing. Writing meaning anything that has to do with writing – so preparing things for agents, submitting stories for competitions, planning the next book, and actually writing. I can do that.

This is what I love. And this is me, raw, at my core. I am a lover of literature and a wonderful writer. I won’t let myself forget that again.

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