Well, its been a while since I posted anything here… BUT I have some pretty good excuses.

Mostly, I got a new job. 

It’s great. One of my goals for last year was to get a new job and BAM! It happened. Is it what I thought I’d be, but I really do like it. Some of it is more receptionist work, but other parts are going to require my highly refined research skills (or that’s what I’ve been told). The people are what make it super awesome. I’m getting exposed to all kinds of new personalities and office-like situations. There’s no water cooler (per se) but there is the coffee maker in the break room where we stand around and talk about things. Things from politics (which I stay out of mostly) all the way to random stuff that happened on the weekend. It’s nice. I like having this slightly cliche job. I love having a desk where I can put a framed picture of Husband and me. I love having a desk plant. It’s so silly, but it’s a much better fit than where I used to work.

The worst part about the job is that I really do the daily grind (commute and all) and have been bad about balancing things in my life. I have this full time job now, but I also have joined a gym, have different groups of friends, Husband, craft-y things I want to do, and writing. Things just tend to fall through the cracks and other things get pushed aside. I suppose one of my goals this year should be to be better about balancing all these different things in my life.

Last little bit of the update: I sent my first (and only) query letter out a few months ago. It was to this amazing agent that I would consider killing to get (not really, but I’m that serious). I knew it was a total reach move on my part, but go big or go home, right? Well, she didn’t pick me up — which I expected. However, I really wanted a letter that told me why. I mean, I knew it was their policy that if you haven’t heard anything in x – number of weeks then there wasn’t “room for you at that time.” But, I had some connections to the agency that she worked at, and I had hoped that would get me the exception when it came to the rejection process. I haven’t sent anything else out yet. Mostly because I haven’t made time to work on things like that, but also because there are a few things I want to fix in the manuscript before I launch into it again. 

So there we are. A new year. A new host for my blog. A new job. Lots of new things. I hope this trend continues.   

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