Life After Grad School

*waves sheepishly from slumped down position in chair*

Hello. I know it’s been FOREVER since I posted here. I haven’t forgotten about my blog. Nope. I’ve just been super busy. Not a fantastic excuse, but when you’re working on a thesis it’s what happens. 
Well, I am totally done with my thesis! 
Some of you may have forgotten or are new here and may be asking, “What was your thesis?”
It was (and it still exists but now as my WIP) a YA novel that is a little bit urban fantasy. I say a little bit because it’s not so much urban, but its not high fantasy. However, that is a discussion for another day! (Along with writing a YA novel, I also had to write a 12-15 page paper that went with it. That got me doing a good bit of research on the whole “urban fantasy” category).
Okay, so my thesis is done. What have I been doing since then?
Trying to figure life out. And reading whatever I want! 
So…. trying to figure life out is not super fun. I mean, I love life. I love my husband and where we are in our lives right now, but I have this thesis and MFA and I need to do something with it. That means trying to figure life (as a future author) out. 
I am starting the querying process and trying to find an agent. Why do I need an agent? Why not just straight to an editor? Well, the market keeps changing and it’s good to have someone on your team. I’ll write a whole blog post about why you need an agent and my querying process. 
Now, reading whatever I want.
Holy crap. I haven’t been able to do that since… I don’t know, like, middle school. I’ve always gone to fairly competitive schools and have always had a pretty heavy reading list handed out to me at the beginning of each semester or summer.
But now. Now I don’t. 
It’s been amazing! Right, so there’s a phrase “happy as a kid in a candy store.” That’s me. It’s not candy though. It’s books. If you’d like to keep up with my reviews and whatnot you should check out my articles on CultureMass. Also, I have a goodreads widget that keeps track of what books I’m reading this year (just incase you’re dying to know….)
So. Now that I have free time I’m planning on posting a good bit more. I promise. For real this time.   

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