What I Learned Today

It’s been rainy today.

Any yesterday.

And for like the last couple of weeks.

BUT – I had today off and I needed to get work done on the thesis. So after running some errands, I came to my local library. I love this place. It’s just… amazing.

Anyway, I learned several things today. I thought I’d share…

  1. I learned how swords were made/ forged way back in the day. Surprise, they were made by swordsmiths that had to mix up their own steel alloys and whatnot. How intense is that? From the essay I read, it was all very complicated. 
  2. I discovered a plethora of webpages on how to make a sword at home. None of them were helpful for what I was researching for thesis, but it was intriguing to know that my next DIY project could me making myself a sword. 
  3. This:
    4. ANNNND that I can checkout as many CDs and video games from my library. From what I understand I can check out 10 DVDs at a time, as many CDs, games, and books as I want. This is dangerous knowledge but AWESOME since I’m trying to save money. No I don’t need to download Florence + The Machine’s new CD from iTunes – I can check it out! Holla!

    5. Also, turns out I get a lot more homework done on rainy days and when I force myself to go the the library where my bird and the TV can’t tempt me. 

    6. Back to swords and smart things: I now know what steel is made of and the best type to make a sword out of. You want carbon steel. That stainless steel is fine for a blade under 12″ but for anything longer than that you want carbon steel (which is made up of iron and carbon). Ha! Look at me, being all scientific. Also, the steel needs to be heat treated so it’s not too brittle. 

    Hmmm…. I wonder what I’ll learn about tomorrow

2 thoughts on “What I Learned Today

  1. Well, this library is like 10 miles from my house (which isn't bad) but there is one right across the street. Sadly, that one is broke… Poor libraries. I want to have bake sales to save them.

    Maybe we should have a bakesale for yours 🙂

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