Book Review: The Raven Boys

 This is the first book I have ever read by Maggie Stiefvatier and I’m kind of beating myself up thinking, “Why? Why haven’t you read anything from her before?” I have no answer to that…

But, this post is all about her newest book, The Raven Boys. (Click the link to go to the book’s webpage)
Holy crap. I loved it.
Usually I gobble books up. I let myself get lost in them and the world could be ending around me, and I wouldn’t notice. 
I didn’t let that happen with this book. Like The Night Circus, I wanted to savor this book. But not just that. I didn’t want it to end. I told my husband last night, “I’m so conflicted. I don’t want to keep reading, because I don’t want the book to end. BUT I DO want to keep reading because I want to know what happens next.” To which he replied, “Well, you don’t have to read anymore tonight. Let’s watch a movie.”

Why I loved this book:
  • First and foremost, the characters. They just feel so real. So, easy to relate to. One of the things I love most about John Green is his ability to write characters that I feel I could be friends with. Maggie has done the same thing in this book. I think one of the hallmarks of a fantastic writer is that the characters in the books become more than imagined people, they become your friends in a weird way. 
  • The magic. The magic in this book comes to the reader slowly. It isn’t like “BAM!” There are little hints and then more and more come until it’s totally okay if otherworldly things start happening. I mean, the characters still react believably, but Maggie does an awesome job at suspending the disbelief of the reader. 
There are so many more reasons why I loved this book (and can’t wait for the next in the cycle – there’s supposed to be four books total), but I can’t tell you any of them without spoiling the book for you. Therefore, you must read.

Things I didn’t like about the book:
  • Every so often (and this happens with every writer) I come across a bit of dialogue that I don’t understand. I sit there and reread it. Reread the paragraph and try and puzzle it out. Now, that doesn’t happen very often in this book. Really, to me it was just the last line of the book. I’m not sure what was meant by it and felt a tiny bit cheated.
  • Also, when the main characters discover something of importance regarding one of their teachers at school (I don’t think this is a spoiler…) they seem to accept it a bit too easily for me. Just saying.
But that’s it. I kinda adore this book and would seriously start rereading it right now if there wasn’t a small colony of unread books on my bookshelf. 
I highly recommend this book. And if you want to purchase a hard copy of it go here. It’s an independent bookstore that works closely with Maggie. So much so that you can order signed copies of her books for the same price that you would pay at Barnes and Nobel or Amazon. SIGNED COPY! And, you’d be supporting an independent bookstore. So, why would you not get it from there?
Lastly, here is the book trailer that Maggie made herself. That’s right. She did the art. She did the music. She pretty much did it all. She’s pretty much some kind of writing superhero… Anyway, to finish up this post, I’m going to go on record and say that she has now filled out my TOP FIVE FAVORITE AUTHORS – and I plan on reading everything she’s ever written.


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