Update from Grad School


Things have been cray up here. I have been working hard on my WIP in my tutorial class and working on some short stories in my Magical Realism class….

I’m excited about tutorial today. It’ll be the first time chapter 7 gets a good and intense critiquing. I’ve been going through and re-reading my WIP, getting chapters ready for class, and I’ve fallen back in love with this story again. Which is AWESOME! It’s awful to fall out of love with your WIP… But sometimes I think that’s just the nature of the writer/story relationship. We spend too much time together and get sick of one another (this happened to me and my best friend at camp quiet often) and then we start talking to one another again and realize why we enjoyed each other the first time around.

Let’s see… Also, I am working on a presentation on how to make a believable antagonist. I’m kind of having a ton of fun with it. The teacher encouraged us to be as creative with these presentations as we want. So mine is involving a handout that looks like a recipe and bars of dark chocolate with quotes about villains on them. Kapow! I’m stoked. I present next week and will share my research here. 

In Magical Realism we’ve mostly been talking about the books we’ve read for the class and looking at how the writer does what they do within the story. You may be asking yourself, “What is magical realism?” Well, that is a whole different post entirely. I promise I will try and be better about posting while I am at school… 

I did write my first magical realism story and I’m debating if I’ll post it here. I might post a bit to give you a taste. I will tell you it involves the Berlin Wall and I’ve been having a fun time researching life in East Germany. 

Not that I want to live in the former GDR, but it’s cool to learn about a life so different from my own. I mean, they didn’t have bananas. I don’t even like bananas, but still. It was like they were super intense about the equality of all men that if everyone couldn’t have bananas then NO ONE COULD. 

On top of that I’ve been missing the Husband super much. It’s like when you get your wisdom teeth removed. There’s this big hole that is this dull pain kind-a all the time, and then you poke it and it’s super tender and hurts even more. BUT! I think he’s going to visit soon and that would rock soooo much! The only thing that keeps my graduate program from being paradise is that he’s not here with me. 

So there’s my update! I’m not sure how often I’ll be able to post, but I’ll make sure to do it once a week! Come back next time for thoughts on Magical Realism.  

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