Return To Grad School

Well, today is the first “official” day back at school.

But really it’s just orientation.

I all have of info for my classes and already I feel overwhelmed. 

In my tutorial class (the one where we work on our future thesis – and since we’re creative writing people it’s like novels or collections of picture books) we have to submit up to 20 pages a week! I think I knew this going into it, but chose to block it out of my mind. I mean, really that’s like a chapter a week of my WIP… but still, seeing that number on the page is just intimidating. Then we’ll also have these presentations on some aspect of the craft… I did one in my first tutorial (last fall) on when to show and when to tell. Check it out here. This one I’ll be looking on what makes a realistic villain in fiction. So, keep you eyes peeled for that. 

I’m not sure how stressful the other class, my Magical Realism class, is going to be. But the thing is… This is the 3rd summer that I’ve come to this program. I remember it being hard but I always get through it. Then I get up here and realize (again) just how demanding it’s going to be. However, having a support group of other writers, other students helps, and Husband (who is far to far away at this point) is what makes all the difference. 

Here is a conversation I had with my father my first summer:

“Dad, I want to come home. I don’t think I can do this any more.”

“Is it because you don’t think it’s your calling in life? Or is it just too hard?”


“It’s too hard….”

“Then no. You’re not allowed to come home.”

And this is how I feel every summer. HOWEVER, it is totally worth it. I’m a better writer for it. 

Whoever thinks that writing is easy is a moron.  

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