Inspirational Images

Here are some fun images that, will hopefully, inspire you to keep at it. I know whenever I hit a wall, I make one of these the background on my computer and bust on through… 

Sometimes I kinda wish I could have a video clip of Christian Bale in all his Batman glory saying this to me in his Batman voice. I think that could scare some creativity into me.

I found this (I forget where… I’m pretty sure from Chuck Wendig‘s blog) and I just love it. Granted I am the Queen of my story… Not king…

Love this image? Why not copy my html code and have it as a badge on your blog/ webpage?
I think you should 🙂

I want this on a print, framed, and hanging above my desk…

Yeah, I want this on a print as well for above my desk….

However, my Husband and parents may tell you otherwise. Books are my crack.

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