Sometimes I don’t know how I get things done. 

I am over half way done with my frist draft of my paper (out of the nine pages of my outline I have three left to write) and one would think that all that progress would be invigorating. But it’s not. 

Somehow the cursor looks heavier when I see it blinking there on my Word document; like each blink matches the slow beat of my heart. And I just can’t get the words down on the page. They form beautifully in my mind. I know how to weave my web of ideas and scholarly research together with examples from the texts – and it’s so brilliant in my mind. But then it all gets lost in translation. The words don’t come out as well or as easily from my fingers. Dragging the cursor across the page is like pulling a load of bricks across pavement in the middle of July; almost impossible for my little noodle arms. 

BUT THEN! Then I change the front to Times New Roman and get the document doubled spaced, and I see so much more of what I’ve done. Yes, it still feels like a back-breaking load of work to get done, but it starts to feel just a bit lighter. 

As a writer there is only one thing to do: Just keep swimming. Thank you Dory.

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