New Feature: 25 Ways to Become a Better Writer


Who doesn’t want to become a better writer? I mean, I know that I am always striving to write something better than the last time, and there are books chock full of advice. How to write your novel in 90 days, in your off time, how to write a fantasy novel, how to have better characters, how to create conflict and tension… I could keep going but I wont’. The point is: there are enough people who want to write better that there is a market for it.

So, here is a new weekly post that I’ll be playing around with: 25 Ways to Become a Better Writer. TADA!

Did I come up with this list? No. I did not. I found it here. 

What will this new feature include (you might be asking)? Well, I’ll take each of the 25 tips Chuck Wendig proposes, show them to you, and then give you some resources that go along with the tips. 

It will be fun, and awesome, and you are more than welcome to share resources with me, and the other readers, in the comment boxes. I’m super excited. Feel free to check out the list before hand… I’ll warn you, the first tip and corresponding resources have to do with practicing your craft. Something I am horrible at doing. So, we will grow together!

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