Missing: One Blogger/ Creative Writer. Reward if found.

I promise I haven’t forgotten about my blog. I know it seems like I have, but there just aren’t enough minutes in the day sometimes.

So, what’s been going on in my life in the past month?


I finished my annotated bibliography and detailed outline (which wound up being nine pages long and generated a WOW! from my professor) and got them turned in.

I’ve started writing the first draft of my paper (wish me luck)…

My life has too much Harry Potter in it… I keep having dreams about it. The one I remember most involves me and my husband being at Hogwarts with Lilly and James and me giving dating advice to Lilly while my husband replaces Wormtail as the fourth member of the group (but doesn’t go all evil…)

And I’ve been sucked into the Hunger Games world. Yes, I saw the movie friday, finished the second book later that night and then finished the third yesterday. Holy cow. I’m pretty sure that sometime this weekend I overdosed on reading… Husband accused me of huffing literature and it’s true. I can get addicted to certain books.

Now that I’m done with the Hunger Games I can start having a normal life again, and I’m going to start reading John Green’s latest book The Fault in Our Stars. It promises to be good, so hopefully I’ll stop being lazy and actually post a book review on that one.

Just wanted to make an appearance… Let you know that I’m not dead (yet). And that there will be more to come.  

2 thoughts on “Missing: One Blogger/ Creative Writer. Reward if found.

  1. I'm glad you liked the Hunger Games books! They are definitely hard to put down and I can totally understand how you inhaled them in a single weekend! We'll have to have a Hunger Games discussion this summer!

    I've heard great things about The Fault in Our Stars. Lots of people cry like babies when they read it. I don't read a lot of realistic fiction, but so many people are raving about this book that I might have to give in at some point. Hope you like it!

  2. You are my faithful reviewer and when I'm a better person I'll try and return the favor! Yes, I'm not huge on realistic fiction either. But John Green is just that good. His characters could easily be my best friends from high school. Also, he grew up in my neck of the woods (even went to my old high school's rival school) and I just think he's great. So yes, read this one and then Looking for Alaska if you haven't read that yet. Both nothing short of awesome sause.

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