Video Tuesday

Tuesdays are my off days from work. So that equals more time to work on my Harry Potter quest. I apologize to all of you readers whose lives aren’t being inundated with Harry and Voldemort – but mine is and therefore it is leaking over into my blog. I promise that all my posts won’t be about Harry Potter.

But….tonight’s is! So in honor of finishing my research and finishing reading the 6th book, I am posting my favorite HP YouTube videos!


This one is a parody of a Super Bowl commercial from a few years ago. Harry Potter: A Google story…

And this one, just a little music video to get your jam on…

And how can a Potter Puppet Pal video not get into my top favorite?

And lastly, this one that made me giggle the entire way through….


There they are. My top favorite.

But I will say this. I do not spend epic amounts of time searching YouTube for amazing Harry Potter videos… So, any of you have a favorite HP video? If so, I think you should share –> just link it up in a comment.

One thought on “Video Tuesday

  1. I showed my classes “How Harry Potter Should Have Ended” this week! 🙂
    The smart kids got it, the non-HP fans just laughed when Voldemort got shot in the head.

    I'm surprised you didn't mention “A Harry Potter Musical” That would definitely make it into my top HP videos!

    Fun post!
    Lauren @ Hughes Reviews

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