Harry Potter Reflections

My plan had been to post a reflections post after reading the 4th book… but now I’m a third of the way through the 6th book and I suppose I’ll post my reflections on the books now.

Yes, I am falling in love with the series all over again, but I still have issues with the books.

  1. Hermione. I adore her. She is brilliant and strong and doesn’t change who she is for anyone. She is muggle born and really kick-ass. So what’s my problem? She’s Muggle born. What about her life before Hogwarts? Didn’t she have friends? I mean I met my best friend in the whole world (apart from my husband) when I was nine. Does she still have these friends? What did she give up (apart from her parents because really, as the series goes on she spends much less time with them and much more time with Ron and Harry and the Weasleys)? 
  2. The Weasleys. I love the entire family. They are awesome. Ginny mostly makes me happy. BUT, didn’t these kids grow up knowing any other wizarding kids? Did they not have babysitters? What is life really like growing up in a wizarding home? We never get to find out.
  3. Dementors mate. Yeah, in the first chapter of book 6 Fudge tells the Muggle Prime Minster that all the mist is due to the Dementors mating. My only question is: how? Is it like asexual reproduction where one just pops off? Or like coral where all the sex stuff is released into the water in a giant cloud. I’m getting the vibe that it’s more like coral and that’s just EW…


I know why now I cry when I read these books and someone dies (okay I didn’t really cry until the 5th book) but it’s also, I think, what makes these books so awesome. The characters (for the most part) are such real people. I read about James and the relationship with his friends and I think of my Dad and his two best friends from growing up. I read about Hermione and even as an adult I not only relate to her but want to be strong like her. I want to be best friends with Ginny – she’s funny and brave and like Hermione is happy being who she is. Reading about Hagrid and how he’s worried about Aragog dying totally relates to me right now (the dog I’ve had since I was 11 is getting old and I think he won’t be around too much longer). The characters are so real. So when they die, you really do feel like you’ve lost a friend.  

I found this picture the other day and really… it shows just how awesome Harry Potter can be to readers.

My deepest hope is that I can write something that will inspire readers (even if it’s just one) the way that these books have inspired the world. I don’t need an eight movie contract or a theme park – I just need to speak to people. JK taught me it’s okay to be poor and write, as long as it’s what you love.

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