Harry Potter Overload

So I’ve been sick this last week. Stupid cold that made me something close to a zombie. It was gross and I will spare you the details. But I assure that I spent the sick time well. I (of course) did my reading; I am now half way through the 5th book. And then I did other productive things, such as watching the extras on the HP DVDs and online window shopping.

Well I found lots of things I think any HP fan should find amusing if not put on their wish list. Sure, anyone can go to Hot Topic when the movies are due to be released and get all sorts of “fan gear” there. HOWEVER, I would argue that the merchandise I’m about to show you goes to the hardcore fans.

For the home….

That’s right. Harry Potter chopsticks. Amaze your friends by busting these twin mini wands out next time you order carry out chinese. Find them here.

Is the just a prop wand? Oh no. It’s much more than that. This is a wand that controls your tv with just a swish and a flick. That’s right. A universal remote that looks like a wand. Hells yeah… Buy it at one of my favorite online stores (they also have lots of fun Star Wars and Doctor Who gear… thinkgeek.com

Here is just one way to show your school pride… available for purchase here

Because if all of our cars flew then the Ministry would have our necks. Best to stick to flying a broom…buy this awesome decal here

You don’t need to travel by floo to get to work. No, your bathroom has direct access to the Ministry. Don’t forget to  flush

Easy way to turn on the off the lights… when you can’t find your wand. 

Fun way to scare your guests after afternoon tea. Here let me read your tea leaves… OH NO! It’s the Grim!

Clothing and accessories…

You may notice that I don’t highlight a bunch of shirts, well that’s just because I think it’s the details that make things more fun.
These Toms come in all house colors. Kick-butt cool fun. Get your kicks here

I think my favorite shirt. Really, is there more to be said?

Never forget the wise words of the founders of Hogwarts, keep them on your wrist at all times.

Dumbledore always know what to say, and how best to say it….

Because really, isn’t that where we all belong?

There are tons more other items I could show you. But these will link you to all the best websites – or at least the ones that I check out when I need to get my window shopping fix. I’m just waiting for the next paycheck before I get my Lumos/Nox light switch plate. I would get the mug but  I already have to many for our apartment cabinets. *Sigh* Well, we can all dream…

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