Checking In

Not much has changed since the last post…

Except I’ve read much more Harry Potter, done mounds of laundry, and been working a ton. Seriously, when you work between 35-40 hours a week and try and read all the Harry Potter book in two months there isn’t time for much else.

I have found time to “window shop” on my favorite webpages (Etsy and Wanelo) and I found a shirt with this image on it…

Needless to say I 1) agree and 2) want that shirt. And while there may be no such thing as too many books, there is such a thing as not having enough space to store them all.
Whats a girl to do?
Well I am now 1,228 pages into the 4,100 pages that I need to read by February 27th. I think that’s like 30%…
I will say this. I am not the biggest fan of this whole *fingerwiggles* independent study thing. At first I thought “Sure, it’ll be hard but not that hard.” It’s not the reading that’s difficult. It’s the research. Ugh. The public library only has so much of the type of research materials I need and I have to pay $50 to join the local university’s library (that is just illegal if you ask me) and the library on my campus can send me things but I’m getting tangled in all of the red tape I have to get through to get the books and documents. 
*Sigh* I am done freaking out/ venting/ whatever-ing at the moment. 
I promise that I will be back sooner (rather than never) with new and exciting blog posts. My friend’s blog is really starting to show mine up and I’m super competitive – so we can’t have that now can we? 😉 

One thought on “Checking In

  1. 1- That shirt is awesome.
    2- I agree that space to store books is a problem.
    3- I'm super impressed with how many pages of HP you've read so far! You can do it!
    4- It should be illegal to charge anyone to use a library!

    And finally, I understand if you don't want anyone to steal ideas from your paper, but I would totally be down for reading anything Harry Potter related on your blog 😛
    Lauren @ Hughes Reviews

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