A Post for the New Year

Well, here we go. January. It’s the time of year where people make resolutions to better themselves during the upcoming year. January is usually the month where people tend to stick to them. And then they stop. Maybe not everyone, but me for sure. I don’t even remember last year’s new years resolution. Possibly to workout more and tone up what God gave me. Did I do it? Probably for all of last January.

As a writer I made the resolution to finish at least two drafts of my WIP by 2013. Will I do it? I hope I do. My WIP is my thesis and I need to have at least one draft done by this summer when classes start back up again. I should be like my buddy over at Hughes Reviews and make a bigger effort to write everyday (and then I read her most recent post and felt a bit better about myself). Writing everyday is hard. That’s what makes being a writer work and not just a hobby.

So anyway, here’s a link to a webpage that I think I should print and hang up on the fridge: 25 Things Writer’s Should Stop Doing. Yes, there is some profanity so that’s my warning. But look past that and hear the good advice the blogger gives.

I think another thing (and she touches on this) is that I need to stop reading finished novels, like Maureen Johnsons’ The Name of the Star and Libba Bray’s Going Bovine and think that that’s just the way it came out of their fingers and onto the page: all publishing ready. NO! They had to work hard on it. THey had it write many drafts and be told that the voice of the narrator wasn’t okay here and that readers got bored there.

Okay. Now, this year will be a different year. I’ve resolved to be better to myself. To cook more (because I like doing that. It bring me enjoyment) and to write more (because it’s what I love). This year I will keep up with my resolution.

One thought on “A Post for the New Year

  1. You made a great point about how finished novels don't pop out of the writers fingers looking like that. I think our Fantasy class this summer made me realize how absolutely freaking awesome revision is. First drafts are about finding your story whereas revision is about telling it in the best way possible and making it pretty and shiny.

    Good luck finding time to write 🙂

    Lauren @ Hughes Reviews

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