Happy Holidays From Me to You!

Happy Holidays everyone! No matter what you’re faith system I hope you have a joyful holiday season! I know we are.

Our Charlie Brown Christmas Tree! 

I’ve had so much fun this season wrapping gifts for everyone. Usually I hate gift wrapping, but this year it was different. Maybe just  buying my own wrapping paper made the difference, but who knows. This is also the first Christmas for Husband and Me. I’m so excited.

I can’t wait for everyone to unwrap their gifts this year. The best gift Husband and I got for one another was our new baby bird!

 She’s been with us for two weeks and is super adorable. She’s about 12 weeks old and “peeps” along to the radio all the time. Getting her was an adventure. Husband and I drove almost two hours away to pick her up from the only parrotlet breeder in our state. We adventured out to the country side and went to a smaller sized house with over 25 birds, 3 cats, and 2 small dogs. They know how to raise baby birds though.

Beaker is such a clown. She loves to swing on her swing and nest into my hair and go to sleep.

She likes hanging out on Husband’s shoulder while he studies and plays his video game.

Best gift ever.

So Husband, Baby Beaker and I wish you a happy holiday season!

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