Headed Toward My Goal

In the last post I told you all that I had a new goal: to finish chapter 9 before the end of the month. That is much more feasible than the loftier goal of finishing one complete (rough) draft of my novel.

One hard reality of being a writer (and an artist of any kind) is that real life tends to get in the way. I hate to say it but, making money to pay for gas and groceries and save up for rent takes precedence over writing these days. And it’s not that my job is frightfully hard, but that added to two online classes (which I’m far too behind in for my liking), being married (which is amazing but comes with dinner for more than just one, laundry, cleaning, etc…) and just life stuff (like your Uncle having a massive stroke and being off of life support for more than a full week before passing away) tend to muck up the writing process.

BUT! In honor of NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) I am doing my best to seriously write everyday (because even though I should do that all the time, it just doesn’t happen) and track my words per day. And I’ll do that here. Maybe not EVERY day…but you get the idea.

So today I am at a grand total of (drum roll)….

475 words!

Yes, I can do better, but they are good words. They are productive words. I finally figured out how to make chapter nine work better. My new elfin knight was supposed to be dangerous but was coming off as a total flirt — when really I needed him to be both. So, I made him a bit more dangerous.

Here is a sampling of Chapter Nine…

“Where is everyone?” I asked Foster in a horse whisper.
I felt the pressure of the blade on my neck before I knew anyone was behind us. “Getting ready for the festivities.” The voice was like warm honey and yet it still made my skin crawl. Swallowing only made the blade break the skin on my neck. I stood frozen in place. Until this moment, my life had never truly been at risk. Having a blade pressed against my throat made me feel jittery. My limbs tingled with the desire to flee and go someplace safe, but at the same time I was stuck. I glanced down at Foster. His eyes were wide in fear.
“Now, what are a little mortal and a solidary doing parading around the depths of my Lady’s Court?”
“We intended no harm Robin,” Foster said, shaking and bowing at the waist. “The lass here just needed an escort to the trolls. I was in a position to help the young thing out.” He straightened up and pulled his cap off, loosing his poof of white hair.
“You have not been invited. And yet,” Out of the corner of my eye I could see him peek over my shoulder at my face. “And yet I’m tempted to see what a pretty little mortal plans to do once she finds the trolls.”
“I want to play their game.” My voice was shaking as much as I was. I let my eyes flutter closed before taking as deep of a breath as I dared with his dagger or sword or whatever pressed against my neck. “I am in need of some armor.” There, try to be brave. I couldn’t die here at the hands of this Robin guy. No, had to get just a bit further. If anyone was going to kill me it was going to be Rowan.
He removed the blade from my throat and air flowed into my body. I spun around to face him and raised my fingers to my neck. I could feel the slickness of my blood under my fingers. My heartbeat thundered in my ears and that cold aftershock of fear coursed through my veins.
“Who are you?” My voice was stronger now. Foster sidled up next to me and placed a hand on my knee. It was affirming to know that he was there.  
“Robin, head knight to the Queen of the Seelie Court. And who might you be little mortal?” His cocky smile was annoying, but it matched the cocky tone of his voice. In fact, everything about him was cocky; from the way his sun-kissed blonde hair fell around his tan face, to his stupid posture. Even the way his elfin ears poked through his hair seemed cocky. But he could afford it, because he also made sure you knew he was dangerous.  

That doesn’t really give you too much insight or context into or about the story. But whatever. There it is. Robin. He’ll fill out the romantic triangle and will serve me very well in other ways during the story. Oh yes, I have plans for him *slightlyevilchuckle* 

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