Strife and Woe…

Ugh. Do you know what month it is? Other than November… I mean, that’s obvious. But apart from that. Do you know what month it is?

National Novel Writing Month.

The month where participants attempt to write an entire novel in the span of thirty days. They even have this awesome webpage for it. You can sign up and do lots of fun things. It’s pretty awesome.

Except it makes me super depressed.

I have been working on my novel for three years and I haven’t completed a frist draft. Yes, I have revamped the chapters I have done, but I haven’t been able to power through. And now I”m at this huge writer’s block. I think I might even dislike my novel.

Stupid Chapter Nine. I thought I had figured out a way to fix it but no…

This is my sulking post. I will suck it up after this one and power through. Because as Ellen Kushner said this summer, “It might be shit but at least it’s shit you’ve got on the page and can work with” (or some variant of that…)

Maybe I could just skip over Chapter Nine and work on another one… I don’t know. Creative juices aren’t flowing as much as I would like for them too. Ugh. Woe is me.

OKAY! I’m done!


New goal: I will get Chapter Nine written by the end of November.
Loftier goal: I will finish my book by the end of November.

All starting tomorrow…

2 thoughts on “Strife and Woe…

  1. I wanted to do NaNo, but November is the worst possible month for me and intensive writing. With online grad class and report cards and parent conferences and Thanksgiving festivities and Christmas shopping… no freaking way I'm writing 50,000 words.

    Why can't they do it in January? Or March? Or one of those boring months?

  2. NaNo depresses me, too. I've never made it past 600 words…evidently, I don't novel well under pressure. :\ I wish it was different, but I might as well accept it and stop feeling like I'm a bad writer because I've never been able to do it! Anyway, just wanted you to know you're not alone, Io. 🙂

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