Well, I would be posting about last night’s episode of Grimm (which I’m sure was awesome) but I had to miss it. Family comes first.

I got word the other day that my Uncle had another stroke. He had a massive one back in January but recovered. Then, the other night he had a stroke when he was alone and wasn’t found for several hours. This means that they missed a window to give him this super intense drug… What it would’ve done I have no idea. And he’s been unconscious for over two days. Which, sometimes is good for stroke patients. It gives the brain time to un-swell. But then he quit breathing on his own. And that’s bad. So, the family flocked to my Grandmothers and now my dad and his sisters are meeting with my Uncle’s wife (my aunt – duh) to talk about taking him off life support.

I have no idea how to feel. I feel scared and worried but not for my uncle. More for my dad (he’s only a few years younger) and my cousin (we’re both only children and I know how close he is to his dad). I don’t know what I would do if the tables were turned and it was my dad on life support. So readers, keep my family in your thoughts and/or prayers. I know that my uncle isn’t in pain and really, I think (and when it comes to statements like this maybe it’s not fair to say what you think they’d want but…) I think if he somehow woke up, he wouldn’t be happy living the way he’d have to live. The brain damage is bad enough where he couldn’t swallow on his own. And if that man can’t ride his bike then he’s miserable.

And a weird thing is: My best friend’s Dad just had an intense stroke earlier this week. Like Tuesday. And he’s good now, up walking and talking. But, (and with my family too) the thing is I really like seeing the power of family in these situations. Someone isn’t doing well at all and everyone (who can) comes running. I like my family. I mean, I think when it comes to family on some deep level there will always be love (even when they are awful people) but you don’t have to like them. I’m glad to be here with my family.

So even with the dark, foreboding cloud that is hanging over us… there is a little bit of light shining though. (That was corny, but whatever, corny things are true) 

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