Once Upon a Time…

Last night LOST fans and fairy tale groupies tuned into ABC to watch the new show Once Upon a Time. I say LOST fans because Once Upon a Time comes to viewers via the creative minds of the writers of LOST.

And I wasn’t disappointed at all with the show. 
The show starts out with Prince Charming pushing his horse to the limit, riding into the forest, only to find Snow White dead in her glass coffin. We all know the rest of the story. Well, the typical ending of our fairy tale is only the beginning for this story.
I won’t go on into detail because I want you to watch the show… But, the fairy tale portion of the show was ridiculous in ways that only fairy tales can get away with. I will spoil one little scene where Prince Charming (now King Charming… I think his name might actually be Theo) is battling two Black Knights while holding his newborn daughter. And wins. Crazy. For real he singlehandedly defeats them… Okay, had to make the reference there. 
Anyway, the fairy tale portion overlaps with the modern day story. Emma, a bailbonds woman is coerced into going to Storybrook, Maine. Where, and I quote Emma, all the fairy tale characters are “Frozen in time in Storybrook Maine.” 
Emma is told by a boy, Henry, (the baby she gave up for adoption 10 years before) that she is a fairy tale character. And that time is frozen in Storybrook and when people try to leave bad things happen.
Emma tried to leave and bad things happen.
The episode ends with Henry staring out of his window at the old town clock. The one that has been stuck on 8:15 his entire life. And suddenly, as Emma check into Little Red and Grandma’s bed and breakfast, the hand moves.
Okay, I hope that gives you a taste without giving too much away.
One thing I like about this show so far are the subtle/not so subtle details. The Evil Queen in the modern world has apple cider and decorates with apples. She also has a scene where she is standing in front of a mirror. 
Snow White’s modern day character is a teacher who has a good relationship with birds, children, and also works at the hospital as a volunteer. 
Oh, thing I wasn’t so sure on… The kid Henry has this book of stories and is like “all the stories in here are real and all the people are stuck here.” But then we get a close up of the book, the pages turned by the wind, and illustrations from The Wizard of OZ and Alice in Wonderland flip across the screen. To me, those aren’t really fairy tales and I’ll be really hesitant if THOSE characters show up…
Husband even said, “Hey this show has a LOST feeling to it.” I snickered and then realized that he was serious and wasn’t aware that it was written by the same people.
I’ll hold out on my overall opinion until a few more episodes. I feel like you can’t really judge a series by the pilot episode. That is for the network… it’s the following episodes that are for the viewers. 
I think that it is for SURE worth watching. So, next week you should tune in and let me know what you think.         
Missed it on TV this week? Go to the ABC webpage and watch it! Limited commercials… Always a plus.
Excited? I know I am. Check out a preview of next week…

One thought on “Once Upon a Time…

  1. I'd been wanting to watch this show, but missed the pilot. Your post made me put it on my calendar for this week 🙂

    I watched it tonight (they played an encore of the pilot right before–yippee) and now I'm all caught up!

    I love it!!! I am enjoying figuring out who's who in each of the worlds and then further connecting them to the stories. It's like three layers!!!

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