In Memoriam…

I know that this is a creative writing blog. Or, well a blog about me and my adventures in getting my MFA and writing. And I know the last post or so haven’t really been on topic, but today is a special day.

Our sweet parakeet died today. My husband has had him for 6 years and I’ve known Buddy for a year and a half now. I was not a bird person until I meet this sweet little blue bird. Not only did he make his way into my heart, but he gave me ideas for different picture books.

I mean how can you not love this little guy…

While I haven’t really gotten a chance to write a draft of the picture book I have in mind, I did write this short one as an exercise for my class this fall…

            Boo Boo the Bird was a bored blue bird. The Boy and the Girl were always too busy now to get him out of his cage as much as they used too. Boo Boo understood, they were busy with people things. But he was still bored.
            He tried playing with the bell that hung from the top of his cage – but that wasn’t fun. When he’d swing the bell it would always come back and hit him in the beak. And he did his exercises every morning, but Boo Boo wanted more.
            One day, after chirping goodbye to the Boy and Girl, Boo Boo hatched a plan. He snuck out of his cage and flew over to the black box that sat by the window. Boo Boo knew what the box did. It was a magical box. It was the kind that could sing when it was turned on.
            Boo Boo pushed and bit buttons until the box turned on. He fluffed his feathers in excitement as music began to play. The rest of the day Boo Boo danced and chirped along to the songs that played. He had such fun! Never again would he be bored.
            It was only when he heard a key in the lock of the front door did he furiously flap back to his cage. The Boy and the Girl walked in and greeted Boo Boo with smiles and kisses.
            “Hey, did you leave the radio on?” The Boy asked.
            “Hm. I guess so,” said the Girl.

            From that day on, Boo Boo wasn’t such a bored blue bird anymore.

I don’t know how many of you out in Reader Land have lost a pet, but if you have, you know what it’s like. I love Buddy and I’m so glad to have had this little bird in my life. He was a great source of love (love from something that small is so simple) and a great source of inspiration. 

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