One of THOSE weeks…

You may be asking yourself, “Hey, you’re (usually) pretty awesome about updating your blog on a regular basis…wtf?” 

Or you might not. I’m not sure how many days its been since I last posted. 
So this is one of those posts where I assure you that I am still alive. See —> I’m alive!
This week has been crazy. I am a creature of the night (but not in the Rocky Horror way… just saying) but for work, I have had to get up at 5:00 am. That’s right. I wake up before the sun. I go to bed after the sun. Stupid, lazy sun… So, this new “morning person” thing has really thrown a wrench into my life. I’m not complaining. In some ways it’s super nice to have gotten in 4 hours of work by 10:00 am. Huzzah! Granted, it does come at a cost. My creative hours have now become sleeping hours. I hope I will adjust.
What else has made this week crazy? The extra stress of classes. I had no idea that taking two online classes was going to be such a balancing act. I mean, I finish my work, get all excited that I’m done, and then realize… oh no I’m not. There is ALWAYS something to work on. And, I don’t want to go into it (because I’ve moved on) but since it’s a creative writing class, and so much depends on other students being responsible and getting their stuff posted on time, it’s horribly annoying when people just don’t meet the deadline. Yes, I’ve been told they have had technical problems. But, I would like to point out — we have everyone’s e-mails. So, if you can’t post something in time (for whatever reason) don’t wait and figure out how to post it three days later but 30 minutes before the critique is due. No, send out a damn e-mail and let your classmates know. Is that too much to ask? For graduate school, I think not.
OH! Good things about this week 1) Castle Season 4 started Monday night AND 2) Castle Season 3 was released on DVD Tuesday. 
I love my escape. 
Also, I have been reading Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children and so far I’m a fan. Not just of the story but of the formatting of the novel. It’s like a grown-up picture book in a lot of ways. When I post a “formal” review I’ll include some snapshots with it. 
So, there’s my update. Hopefully I’ll post some fun stuff soon. Keep reading!

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