Here I Sit

And here I sit, not doing anything that I SHOULD be doing.

Here’s what I should be doing:

  1. Working on my poetry presentation for my online class. This is due Monday.
  2. Reading the poetry that was assigned for my online class. I’m not sure when this is do.
  3. Reading A Wrinkle in Time also for my online class. I think this is due later this month.
  4. Working on my description presentation for my other online class. This is due in November. I think.
  5. Laundry.
  6. Unloading the dishwasher and then reloading it.

What am I doing instead? Blogging. Blogging and it’s not really an exciting post. But in a way it is productive. I mean, I like blogging. Even when I have nothing to say…

Well I did get a new job. So yay! Not a completely starving artist! Only slightly starving. I have a feeling that this new job (while I enjoy it) is part of the reason why I don’t want to do anything today. But it’s cool. It’s at a cafe/bakery/catering place. I get free baked goods (sometimes) and I have discovered that I am terrified of the walk in freezer. This is when having an over-active imagination is bad.

Here is what I think will happen:
So to get into the walk in freezer you have to walk through the walk in fridge and then go to the BACK CORNER to a door that leads into the freezer. Even though both doors have way of opening it from the inside I don’t care. I see me getting locked in the freezer (which is REALLY REALLY cold and small — I am not a huge fan of small places with only one door that is hard to open). I see me banging on the door, but no one can hear me because the mixer is making cake batter and really, how could they hear it through the fridge door? And I see me turning into a frozen me.

Here’s what really happens:
I go into the freezer for bread or whatever. The door is a bit tricky to open. So I freak out, push the door knob in (the way to open it from the inside) and throw all of my 130 pounds into the freezer door — which flys open and I’m thrown into the fridge. And then, from here, I can exit like nothing is the matter.

Needless to say, I don’t like the freezer.

At all.

So, I’m debating about posting some of my creative writing stuff here. If you would like to read it — well comment and let me know. Serious. You don’t have to have a g-mail to leave a comment. I’m magic like that.


2 thoughts on “Here I Sit

  1. A tip for walk-in freezers:

    Make sure your feet aren't wet when you go in because your shoes WILL freeze/stick to the floor.

    But congrats on the new job! Sounds fun!

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