Facebook, Suggested Friends and Me…

Who isn’t on facebook these days?

Seriously, it’s so popular they made a movie about it. I mean google is pretty kick-ass, but no movie about it. I mean, there are stats I could post here and tell you how epic facebook is. But there is a good chance they you’re on facebook and already know it’s impact.

Well, recently I friended a few of my graduate professors, who are published writers. It’s all like “yey! getting into the community and making friends!” And then… Then I see the “suggested friends” tab. And OH. MY. GOD.

It’s like, now my “suggested friends” tab is blow up with well known authors. Very well know. At least in my circles… people like Jane Yolen. And then a few of my favorite authors since middle school, like Tamora Pierce. It’s just so crazy. 


You may be asking yourself, well did you friend any of these authors?

And my answer is no. There has to be a level of respect. I can get really excited that three of my friends are friends with Jane Yolen, Tamora Pierce, and Francesca Lia Block… But I’m not friends with them. I’ve had no contact with them apart from reading their books. I respect them and their space. 

But it doesn’t make logging onto facebook any less AWESOME.  

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