And One and Two, Three and Four…

Why should you do writing exercises?

What a silly question to ask. Writing is not easy, and most of you who read this blog know that (and are probably giving me a chorus of ‘amens’). But really, no one wants to get out of shape. Not football players, not actors, and no, not writers.

Do I exercise as much as I should? No. Certainly not. But this is one of those don’t do what I do, do what I say kind of moments. Stephen King comments in his book On Writing that a writer should read/write between 4-6 hours every day. Well, that’s fantastic if your Stephen King and can afford to do that.

I doubt anyone of Stephen King’s caliber is reading this blog. So that’s unrealistic for most of us almost-starving-artists.

Instead (do what Delia Sherman told me) and do 20 minutes every day.

Yes. Every. Day.

“But I don’t have any exercises to do,” some of you (like the me before this blog) may whine.

NEVER FEAR! I have some that I will gladly share!

(1) Describe the room you’re sitting in as you would experience it when…

  • you just got in a fight with someone who is really important to you
  • you knew it was haunted
  • you’d just fallen in love
  • like you knew you were going to die

Okay. So, pen, paper, timer. Set it to 20 minutes and…

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