Today has been brought to you by the letter “S”

“S” is for,”sh*t, I’m super stressed out.”

Uh. I could go into it. I mean, really lay it on thick why I’m so stressed out. But just thinking about all the stuff I have to do induces a panic attack.

So, instead I’m going to share a link to Holly Black’s most recent post. It tells you how to score a free audiobook download of her book White Cat. For those of you who aren’t hardcore faerie lovers like me (wow, that could be read WAAAAY wrong out of context) but like fantasy(ish) stuff, I’d check it out. It presents this alternate reality where there are certain people who have gifts/powers and can use these powers on people through touching someone with their hands. They are called Workers. Most Workers are part of crime families, and Cassel is the only non-worker in his family. This book is really interesting. AND, it takes the (little known) fairy tale, White Cat, to a whole new level. But, you don’t have to know the fairy tale to enjoy the book.

Actually, it was AFTER I read the book that I read the fairy tale. It was then that Holly’s awesomeness blew me away (well, it tends to blow me away most of the time, but yeah…)

So, what have I accomplished by writing this post? Have I revised my short story at all? (No.) Have I gotten any work done on my critical research paper done? (No.) Have I read and critiqued any of the stories for this week’s workshop? (No.)

…Nothing. I have gotten nothing done.
*Sigh* another mark of a writer: procrastination   

And I’m still stressed.

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