Writer’s Should Take Over the 4th…

So here’s my thinking…

We get all patriotic on the Fourth because it’s like the birthday of America, right?

Well, maybe we should be celebrating the power of words. Yes, corny. I know. But come on! I’m a writer. We have an entire holiday centered around a really old document. Why doesn’t that get any attention? The Fourth isn’t about fireworks, getting drunk, or grilling. No. It’s about a bunch of dudes that sat around with post-Enlightenment thoughts and were like, “Hey, this is crap and we need to do something.” So what do they do? They get Thomas Jefferson to sit down and write something. Sure, maybe after they all signed it they went to the nearest pub and had a celebratory drink (and maybe that’s where the drinking tradition came from) but it was all about the words and what they said.

As writers I think we should get more credit sometimes. No, we don’t just live in our own little world… well not all the time anyway. We do important things. And no, I’m not saying there should be a holiday centered around anything I’ve ever written. I’m just pointing out…

Writer’s kick ass. 

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