Good News and Bad News about Being a Writer (Part 1)

I’m going to give you the bad news first. Why? Because it’s better to end on an up note.

So, having met several published writers (John Green, Daniel Wallace, David Sedaris, Ellen Kushner, Delia Sherman, Gregory Frost) I have come to a bit of a sad conclusion. 
Wait a second, let me back up…
I’m not sure about anyone else, but I have always viewed those writers who have been published (and have actually MADE money off of their work) as being on the other side of this void. It’s like they all know the secret password to open the door, or the right path to take to get to the other side. And yes, I know that they all met their hardships in the void, but they made it through. All of them. For the longest time I held out hope that there was a map or something, and if you worked hard enough someone would pass it down to you and you could break through the void.
I was so very wrong. There is no secret formula to getting published. There’s no way to just plug yourself into an equation and then come out of it with a book deal. I think I’ve known this for awhile, but like with Santa Claus, you just don’t want to admit the truth. 
So that’s the bad news…
Good news! There is hope! I mean, everyone found their own way across the void, so there is not one right way. There are many. Which is good, because you can always find a way across that works for you and you alone. Sure, it’ll take hard work, but when you get to the other side, you know that it was all you. Just you and your writing, and really, what more do you need? 

One thought on “Good News and Bad News about Being a Writer (Part 1)

  1. And I think being in an MFA program puts us ahead of the pack. We're working harder than most and I believe it will set us apart from the slush pile. We can do it! 🙂

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