How to be a Literary Fan "Person"

Okay, so yes, I have already posted one big long post today. However, I would like to point out that reading over 100 pages of critical work is all work and no play. As a creative person I really needed to play, so below are my Top Thirteen Ways to be a Literary FanGirl/Boy (because ten is just too few)

  1. You need to own shirts that say things like… “I solemnly swear I am up to no good” and “We’re all a little bit mad here” and “I write therefore I am.”
  2. You are addicted to books. Meaning they are your crack (this idea will be expanded upon in a later post). You own about as many unread books as you do read books… and you keep buying more. Really, you just can’t help it.
  3. The accessory you are most proud of is your pen. And yes, you have a favorite. It’s the one you don’t lend to people. (Individuals who are not literary fanpeople will not understand this at all, they may even give you a weird look, but we know better.)
  4. You get overly excited when TV shows make obscure literary references.
  5. You have a twitter account just so you can follow your favorite authors.
  6. You buy new books based solely on the fact your favorite authors had nice things to say about it. These nice things are plastered on the cover and call out to you when you walk past – they are impossible to ignore.
  7. You get more excited about books being released than Twilight fans do about a new movie. (Really those kids are hardcore and scary…)
  8. You own a Shakespeare’s Insult mug (or something like it) from Barnes and Nobel; and if not you REALLY want one but no one has given it to you for Christmas because you have too much literary stuff already.
  9. You firmly believe that the book is better than the movie. And really, it usually is.
  10. You broke down and now own an E-Reader of some kind. You love it and have already downloaded more books than you can read in the foreseeable future, but you still need to own a hard copy of the book. (You just trust it more. Technology scares us to an extent…)
  11. You go to the bookstore and look at your favorite books on the shelf. Of course you don’t need to buy them, you just like to visit old friends and see how their doing. 
  12. Bookstores also become a home away from home. If you are gone from your home for an extended amount of time you not only have a sixth sense about where the closest Barnes and Nobel is but go there to feel less homesick. 
  13. You want to make fliers of this and give it to people so they’ll learn a thing or two (not too…)

And there you have it.

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