Let’s Get One Thing Straight…

So off the bat I would like to mention that I am a creative writer. Yes, it’s not a job description but who I am summed up in one phrase. I am currently working on my MFA and don’t really expect to get a huge following with this blog. But no matter. As Melinda Haynes says, “…Write for yourself and celebrate writing.” That is what I plan to do.

What is a creative writer? You may ask. How does that describe you as a person?
Here are listed a few things I have come to observe in myself and other creative writers in my program…

1) We are not wholly organized. We try very hard, but typically come up a bit short. Sure, there are many aspects where we may be incredibly structured, and at least for me, those are few and far between areas of my life.

2) The voices in our heads ARE real. They don’t tell use to burn things – just to write things down.

3) As far as we’re concerned we have an abusive relationship with our work. Sometimes it abuses us and other times we abuse it. But in the end we put all differences aside and come together.

4) We find inspiration EVERYWHERE. So yes, there is a good chance if you annoy use enough you will get into a book. However, you may die a very slow and very painful death there. Or we just might make you look like an idiot for forever. ON THE OTHER HAND, if we love you you will live forever.

5) Our characters are real people. Not like in #4 but as in they are real to us. We know our characters better than we know ourselves on most occasions.

6) We understand books better than people sometimes, and might understand people better because of books. We know that people develop, just like plots and characters, it just takes time.

7) For #7 I would like to say: I AM NOT AN ALCOHOLIC! However, for those writers (for example Hemingway) I can totally understand how a get drink helps get those chapters out before a deadline.

8) We are either always reading, writing, or thinking about what we are reading or writing.

9) More often than not we always have a book and a notebook on hand. Inspiration can strike like lightening.

10) You correct incorrect grammar everywhere. Even though you don’t have perfect grammar yourself.

Here is someone else take. I think we share some of the same ideas…

This will be a blog about writing. The process. The pain. And well, my life. Because if there is anything I’ve learned, you can’t separate the life of a writer from their work. It sneaks in there somehow…

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